R&D Seminar

Parador of Antequera

One of CEI·MAR’s priorities is to advance the formation of multidisciplinary teams made up of people from different members of the alliance. These teams will tackle the challenges posed by society and the private sector, with the ultimate aim of contributing to the social, economic and territorial development of our regions. In short, to put knowledge at the service of economic growth, development and employment.

The target of this R&D seminar is to examine the potential of joint works and multidisciplinarity in the ‘development, growth and development of new productive research avenues’, and the development of research directions that respond to the demands posed by society in general and the private sector in particular.

This seminar will bring together CEI·MAR’s main research groups, along with companies and public agencies interested in the CEI’s five major thematic areas:

1.- Blue tourism

2.- The exploitation of living marine resources

3.- The sea and healthcare

4.- Harbour management and maritime transportation

5.- Marine renewable energy.

Each session will take a full day (from 10:30 to 18:30), and CEI·MAR members and invited speakers from the academic world, the private sector and the public bodies will all participate. They will explain their experience and their vision for the topic under discussion and will contribute to a dynamic meeting. All sessions will be approached from a multidisciplinary perspective, and experts from all fields, including the natural sciences, engineering, law, economics and the humanities, will be welcome.

It is expected that this seminar will result in the consolidation of multidisciplinary alliances of researchers and the beginning of specific research and innovation projects in the areas under discussion.